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Innocence Waning is FINISHED!!!!

Nearly two years ago, almost to the day, I started writing something whilst sitting in my room over the Easter long weekend in April 2015. ...

Monday, 1 May 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapter 5 Finished + Brody Cover Photo for Chapter Download

It is a three day weekend in the United Kingdom. We celebrate 1 May as a "bank holiday" so I spent the morning writing and editing 4,882 words of goodness, which I called Innocence Waxing Chapter 5. It is available in the store for download or you can click the unique chapter cover below and buy it for £0.19. A small price to pay for 4,882 words right? If Brody is on the cover of this chapter, you know that he is in it - or at least should be so you can imagine what Jayden and Brody are up to.

I finished this chapter and uploaded it just in time for the sun to present itself, so I am going to go for a wander and enjoy the day. I started to watch The Handmaids Tale last night which is based on the book by Margaret Atwood. Hulu is doing the book justice and I can highly recommend this series. The soundtrack is really good too and will be worth streaming, just like the Broadchurch soundtrack, when it is made available when the series comes to an end.

Finally, I am happy to say that I further refined the Innocence Waxing timeline. It will be broken over four periods of time. Not only will it cross over into the timeline of Innocence Waning (have you ever wondered what happens during the six days between the last two chapters of Innocence Waning?) and will end a few months in time after the conclusion of Innocence Waning. You will have to read Innocence Waxing if you want to fill in the blanks.

Chapter Five was really fun to write and it had my heart racing whilst I did the edits so I will be keen to know what you think. The robot from my e-store will e-mail you after you download it encouraging you to comment, so please do. Given this content is no longer available on Wattpad, I am very interested in the ongoing feedback.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapter 4 - Finished and Available to Download

Sadly life got in the way which delayed finishing Chapter 4 of Innocence Waxing until today. Apologies for that. It has been a busy two weeks working and going between London, Birmingham and even Wales.

You can find the digital download for Chapter 4 in my store. Some characters from Innocence Waning make an appearance in this chapter too. It was a fun chapter to write so go to the store and part with £0.19 to support my desire for pints of Stella at the local. It is a long weekend in the UK this weekend so I am looking forward to writing another chapter.

What about Innocence Waning? I am two weeks behind in the final edit process. Starting a paying job will do that. I am going to pay for a month subscription to Grammarly and power through the final edit. I have edited ten of the thirty chapters, which is a milestone for me. The first four chapters are of course available to be read for free on this blog.

I used to think I knew what I wanted. I had dreams and aspirations but they have taken a back seat all because of my dick. - Jayden McKenzie, Innocence Waxing Chapter 4

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Update on Innocence Waxing Chapter 4 + Innocence Waning Banned from Wattpad Again

Greetings from Birmingham, UK.

I am alive and well and earning a quid in the UK at the moment which is really exciting after travelling the world for the last month. You may be wondering though what the status is of Innocence Waxing and of course the final edits of Innocence Waning. Well, here you go!

Now that I am gainfully employed (cue low interest in the pre-purchase of the final product) I can send the final copy of Innocence Waning to a professional editor. I want to make sure that the release is as perfect as it can be. I will also pay for a graphic designer for an awesome book cover. Anyone that pre-purchases this book supports this process futher and will receive a printed book (in Australia, US, UK) in Q4 of 2017. So there are many things happening.

I have the draft of Chapter 4 of Innocence Waxing completed and I plan to start posting one chapter each week starting this weekend. Now that I am gainfully employed, work is sucking hours from my day so I need to balance my hobbies of drinking wine and writing. Pathetic, I know!

I also find it amusing that once again users complained on Wattpad they yanked the first 12 chapters of Innocence Waning that I published last Saturday. What was so outrageous in this prose that warranted it to be taken down?

Posting chapters 1-12 of Innocence Waning on Wattpad was a litmus test to prove that Wattpad does not support authors of unique content. The support process is flawed and nobody cares. The readers end up losing in the end as those who read this will migrate to other platforms to read free content and be outraged. 

Funny thing that free LGBT content can be so systemically culled with Wattpad claiming that the censoring has nothing to do with LGBT. We know complaints were made with a vested interest with an agenda.

But you want content and I need to deliver. I will.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Innocence Waning and Innocence Waxing Banned from Wattpad

What an interesting few days it has been. Some people may be aware that up until today, my content was published on Wattpad. It is a huge community and more specificially, Innocence Waning, has been available for nearly two years. Other writers and readers provided feedback and encourgagement whilst I finished the book. I made some very interesting and cool acquaintances during my time in that community.

As you know, I completed the first draft of Innocence Waning last month. I have been busy editing it but also started writing my sophomore piece of literary fiction, Innocence Waxing. Earlier this week, Innocence Waxing was removed because of complaints where members of the community claimed using an anonymous and very ellusive mechanism to complain about the content that I posted. The masses of haters came out of the woodwork and then started making complaints about Innocence Waning for violating the published content guidelines. Both pieces of work have since been removed by Wattpad.

It is disappointing because that community provides an outlet for literature and also fosters some community spirit to support writers. Their "process" in handling complaints is not transparent and work is simply removed without explanation. In the end, I don't care too much as I am not remunerated for my time and effort to publish my original content on Wattpad. I personally believe it is an attack on LGBT-themed literature.

Anyway, I will continue to write for myself and I will finish the second book. I plan to return to London this weekend and life goes on. I do have the draft for Chapter for Innocence Waxing ready. It just needs a good edit and I need a bottle of wine to kick off the start of the long weekend.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapter 3 Available for £0.19 + New Book Cover

I have been busy writing and editing. More editing really. Chapter 3 of Innocence Waxing is now available to download for a mere £0.19 from my store. Here is what someone had to say about it:

"Yay for you on Chapter three. It's my fave chapter of yours. To write that subject matter so clear, succinct, not overly dramatic, 'subtly' humorous, and so believable is an exceptional accomplishment. Awesome to see you really coming into your own and producing such good work while pushing yourself to accomplish so much at one particular time!

I cracked a wide smile when I read that.

I have also changed the book cover and once I post it here, I am updating the store to reflect the new and better image on the front cover. It certainly represents Jayden McKenzie perfectly.

Innocence Waning free gay teen boy ebook download

Friday, 7 April 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapters Available For Download

I have finished the first three chapters of Innocence Waxing and they are available to download from my secure online store. They are almost free at a mere £0.19/chapter. So support your favourite struggling writer who needs a diet of wine to survive. You will never be so happy spending £0.19. Forgive the spam that I sent out about this earlier. Now I am addicted to MailChimp.

I have completed the full edit of Innocence Waning through the end of Chapter 4. If you buy the eBook, you will get e-mailed the final draft that will be posted on Amazon at the end of the month. I think I have improved the first few chapters dramatically and I will be proud to publish them on Amazon and Goodreads. Just be aware if you purchase anything from this site, I get 100% of the funds (besides what PayPal takes as a fee) so buy from my secure shop.

The free preview chapters of Innocence Waning have also been updated on this site and they are much different compared to what you may have read in the various online communities where they were originally published. Bryce even has a surname now. Now there is some trivia.

Below you will find the latest propaganda that I sent out. I promise it will be the last one for a while unless you start purchasing chapters of Innocence Waxing. Then you will be notified when a new fully edited chapter is available for download. The first round of feedback is coming in and it is all positive. This story is much more sexualised but it will also be darker compared to Innocence Waning, if you think that is possible. I am having fun writing it, which is all that matters.


Innocence Waxing

Buy chapters of my new book as they are released...
"This is you at your best, ridiculously whacky and obscene but making it realistic and palatable for everyone. If I ever go to Melbourne and don't run into crazy teen boys I'd be really disappointed. Definitely on your way to another good one!
Jayden McKenie is a fun-loving sixteen-year-old Australian teenage boy who has a penchant for skateboarding, playing pranks on the unsuspecting public and boys wearing skinny jeans. Set in Melbourne Australia, the protagonist maintains a convoluted and puzzling relationship with fourteen-year-old Brody. It is a liaison that he first keeps secret from his friends and family, first out of shame and then regret. The teenagers develop an elaborate and illegal plan to at first make money on the side but when Jayden's life at home begins to deteriorate, he must untie the Gordian knot that his life is being strangled by before finding not only himself but fighting his own inner demons.

If you thought Innocence Waning tackled controversial and taboo topics, get ready for an even more crazy ride. The framework of their scheme will leave you gasping and shocked, that much I promise.

It will be riddled with numerous and sometimes confronting adult themes, bad language, taboo subjects and some truly bizarre WTF moments. This novel will have a mixture of dark humour, teenage sexual activity and risque subject matter that will weave a complex and tangled story, much like its predecessor.

This story is set in the same orbit as Innocence Waning and many of the characters that appeared in Innocence Waning return in Innocence Waxing as there are still unresolved story lines.

Like its predecessor, this book is a "mature" work of teen fiction which follows on from the completed epic, Innocence Waning.
Innocence Waxing is being released weekly as new chapters are composed and fully edited. It is almost free at a mere £0.19 per chapter. You can download each chapter by clicking the link to the secure store below. You will also be notified as new chapters are released. How exciting is that? Don't forget to also purchase the full eBook for Innocence Waning whilst you are at it. You can also support my writing and the forthcoming printing of the physical copy of Innocence Waning by advance purchasing the book before it is released. This will certainly put a smile on my face and just to show you that I do care, you will have access to download the eBook for free also.
Buy Innocence Waxing - Go to my store
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Update on Innocence Waning + Writing Innocence Waxing + Propaganda

Yesterday, I sent my first promotional e-mail using Mailchimp. The amount of people that unsubscribed equalled the amount of sales that I made from selling Innocence Waning. Not such a bad ROI if you ask me! If you want to be added to my mailing list, you can input your e-mail into the form right here...

I continue to edit Innocence Waning in anticipation of releasing it on Amazon and Goodreads. The available download on this site is a 99.9% final draft at the moment. I am giving it a final check to revise a few grammar and make a few word substitutions and also ensuring that the layout will be acceptable on Amazon. The Chicago Manual of Style anyone?

I am also going to remove the reference to what Jack Torrance referred the cook as in The Shining as using the N-word, automatically disqualifies this from being published by Amazon Scout. Not like I planned to use Amazon Scout, but in this world where it is fashionable to be PC, I will just remove the word since it causes so much offence. I should also remove the two lines of lyrics from one of the songs by The XX that is referenced so I don't have to pay royalties. Again, these are the types of edits I am doing. Also, in the last chapter I make reference to the "Archdiocese" instead of the "Archbishop" as I had a complete brain-fart. After substituting "prey" for "pray" perhaps it is just my general atheisism that is putting up barriers with certain words. So if you buy the book, you will find out what the Archbishop of Melbourne has to do with a gaggle of teenage boys.

Tomorrow I am going to post more about Innocence Waxing and how it can be easily read as I post fully edited chapters. Now that will be some exciting information.

As an aside, I just extended my stay in Lyon France for four more days. With the wonderful weather, it is hard to go back to London at the moment, so buy one of the versions of Innocence Waning from my shop. Please support my writing endeavours before I go broke and have to get a real job.

Below you will find the awesome propaganda that I sent out to my mailing list yesterday. One of the benefits of self-publishing is that I am learning a fair amount about the tools needed for successful campaigns, configuring forms, importing code and fun stuff like that instead of actually writing words that you are anxious to read. More words will come soon though, I promise.


Innocence Waning

The Book - Get It Now!
"If you like a well-written literary work about high school boys that touches on every shocking and taboo topic out there, this is it! Definitely one of the best books on Wattpad. I've recommended it before and do again now that it's completed. Rated Mature, it's lengthy, wordy, has big paragraphs, long stream of consciousness episodes, and everything else a modern classic should have. I consider it a CATCHER IN THE RYE for the twenty-teens."
Nearly two years ago, almost to the day, I started writing something whilst sitting in my room over the Easter long weekend in April 2015. I typed one thousand words and the first chapter of my first book, Innocence Waning was conceived. At the time, it didn’t have a title, a plot, any direction or an ending. It was merely a short story that was the result of my bemusement after using the sketchy public toilet that is described in Chapters 1 and 2 at Westgate Park in Melbourne. At the time, I never thought the one chapter short story would evolve into the epic that Innocence Waning is now. It is now officially a finished book and I am proud to call it my first.
The bemusement and even the mysteries of what happens within the Westgate Park public toilet eventually evolved into a six-chapter short story which I planned to end after the events that take place in Chapter six. I penned a few short stories in the past but always lost interest after Chapter six. Heaps of positive feedback was offered online, which gave oxygen to the smouldering flames and smoke in the depths of my mind. It was then I thought that I could really make a go of this, and fanned more oxygen onto the flames of Innocence Waning over the next 18 months. One thing continued to haunt me as I continued to type? What should I do with the damned mystery caller that was introduced in Chapter 1? Much like other storylines which build up subtly until the big twist many chapters later, I decided to drag out the subplot with the mystery caller the longest. What I originally thought juvenile and even borderline cliché provided the segue to open up Chezdon's world which acts as the catalyst for most of the events that form the climax of this story.
Innocence Waning is an epic 216,786 words in length and 522 pages long in Microsoft Word. For the low price of £4.99, you can download a full copy by clicking the link to the store. You can also purchase a signed advance copy of the printed book, which will in-turn put a smile on my face and just to show you that I do care, I will include a digital download of the eBook also.
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