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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Update on Innocence Waxing Chapter 4 + Innocence Waning Banned from Wattpad Again

Greetings from Birmingham, UK.

I am alive and well and earning a quid in the UK at the moment which is really exciting after travelling the world for the last month. You may be wondering though what the status is of Innocence Waxing and of course the final edits of Innocence Waning. Well, here you go!

Now that I am gainfully employed (cue low interest in the pre-purchase of the final product) I can send the final copy of Innocence Waning to a professional editor. I want to make sure that the release is as perfect as it can be. I will also pay for a graphic designer for an awesome book cover. Anyone that pre-purchases this book supports this process futher and will receive a printed book (in Australia, US, UK) in Q4 of 2017. So there are many things happening.

I have the draft of Chapter 4 of Innocence Waxing completed and I plan to start posting one chapter each week starting this weekend. Now that I am gainfully employed, work is sucking hours from my day so I need to balance my hobbies of drinking wine and writing. Pathetic, I know!

I also find it amusing that once again users complained on Wattpad they yanked the first 12 chapters of Innocence Waning that I published last Saturday. What was so outrageous in this prose that warranted it to be taken down?

Posting chapters 1-12 of Innocence Waning on Wattpad was a litmus test to prove that Wattpad does not support authors of unique content. The support process is flawed and nobody cares. The readers end up losing in the end as those who read this will migrate to other platforms to read free content and be outraged. 

Funny thing that free LGBT content can be so systemically culled with Wattpad claiming that the censoring has nothing to do with LGBT. We know complaints were made with a vested interest with an agenda.

But you want content and I need to deliver. I will.