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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Innocence Waning and Innocence Waxing Banned from Wattpad

What an interesting few days it has been. Some people may be aware that up until today, my content was published on Wattpad. It is a huge community and more specificially, Innocence Waning, has been available for nearly two years. Other writers and readers provided feedback and encourgagement whilst I finished the book. I made some very interesting and cool acquaintances during my time in that community.

As you know, I completed the first draft of Innocence Waning last month. I have been busy editing it but also started writing my sophomore piece of literary fiction, Innocence Waxing. Earlier this week, Innocence Waxing was removed because of complaints where members of the community claimed using an anonymous and very ellusive mechanism to complain about the content that I posted. The masses of haters came out of the woodwork and then started making complaints about Innocence Waning for violating the published content guidelines. Both pieces of work have since been removed by Wattpad.

It is disappointing because that community provides an outlet for literature and also fosters some community spirit to support writers. Their "process" in handling complaints is not transparent and work is simply removed without explanation. In the end, I don't care too much as I am not remunerated for my time and effort to publish my original content on Wattpad. I personally believe it is an attack on LGBT-themed literature.

Anyway, I will continue to write for myself and I will finish the second book. I plan to return to London this weekend and life goes on. I do have the draft for Chapter for Innocence Waxing ready. It just needs a good edit and I need a bottle of wine to kick off the start of the long weekend.