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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapter 3 Available for £0.19 + New Book Cover

I have been busy writing and editing. More editing really. Chapter 3 of Innocence Waxing is now available to download for a mere £0.19 from my store. Here is what someone had to say about it:

"Yay for you on Chapter three. It's my fave chapter of yours. To write that subject matter so clear, succinct, not overly dramatic, 'subtly' humorous, and so believable is an exceptional accomplishment. Awesome to see you really coming into your own and producing such good work while pushing yourself to accomplish so much at one particular time!

I cracked a wide smile when I read that.

I have also changed the book cover and once I post it here, I am updating the store to reflect the new and better image on the front cover. It certainly represents Jayden McKenzie perfectly.

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