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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapter 4 - Finished and Available to Download

Sadly life got in the way which delayed finishing Chapter 4 of Innocence Waxing until today. Apologies for that. It has been a busy two weeks working and going between London, Birmingham and even Wales.

You can find the digital download for Chapter 4 in my store. Some characters from Innocence Waning make an appearance in this chapter too. It was a fun chapter to write so go to the store and part with £0.19 to support my desire for pints of Stella at the local. It is a long weekend in the UK this weekend so I am looking forward to writing another chapter.

What about Innocence Waning? I am two weeks behind in the final edit process. Starting a paying job will do that. I am going to pay for a month subscription to Grammarly and power through the final edit. I have edited ten of the thirty chapters, which is a milestone for me. The first four chapters are of course available to be read for free on this blog.

I used to think I knew what I wanted. I had dreams and aspirations but they have taken a back seat all because of my dick. - Jayden McKenzie, Innocence Waxing Chapter 4