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Monday, 1 May 2017

Innocence Waxing Chapter 5 Finished + Brody Cover Photo for Chapter Download

It is a three day weekend in the United Kingdom. We celebrate 1 May as a "bank holiday" so I spent the morning writing and editing 4,882 words of goodness, which I called Innocence Waxing Chapter 5. It is available in the store for download or you can click the unique chapter cover below and buy it for £0.19. A small price to pay for 4,882 words right? If Brody is on the cover of this chapter, you know that he is in it - or at least should be so you can imagine what Jayden and Brody are up to.

I finished this chapter and uploaded it just in time for the sun to present itself, so I am going to go for a wander and enjoy the day. I started to watch The Handmaids Tale last night which is based on the book by Margaret Atwood. Hulu is doing the book justice and I can highly recommend this series. The soundtrack is really good too and will be worth streaming, just like the Broadchurch soundtrack, when it is made available when the series comes to an end.

Finally, I am happy to say that I further refined the Innocence Waxing timeline. It will be broken over four periods of time. Not only will it cross over into the timeline of Innocence Waning (have you ever wondered what happens during the six days between the last two chapters of Innocence Waning?) and will end a few months in time after the conclusion of Innocence Waning. You will have to read Innocence Waxing if you want to fill in the blanks.

Chapter Five was really fun to write and it had my heart racing whilst I did the edits so I will be keen to know what you think. The robot from my e-store will e-mail you after you download it encouraging you to comment, so please do. Given this content is no longer available on Wattpad, I am very interested in the ongoing feedback.